[Intervju] Hilary erkänner sitt största musikaliska misstag

Sedan 2007's Dignity, har Hilary Duff fokuserats på sitt privatliv: Hon gifte sig med den tidigare NHL-spelaren Mike Comrie 2010, fick en son och skilde sig 2014. Nu är hon tillbaka med en ny show, TV Land’s Younger, och ett nytt album, Breathe In. Breathe Out., release den 16 juni på RCA. Den tidigare Lizzie McGuire-stjärnan, ger hennes musikaliska synvinkel.
My favorite new-album track:
” ‘One in a Million.’ It’s a ‘f– you’ anthem about a guy who’s not treating you right.”

My biggest musical struggle:
“Finding my actual voice again. If you’re not using your voice, you lose confidence in it.”

My pop hero:
“Britney Spears. Growing up I was a huge fan — along with every other girl.”

My biggest mistake:
“A terrible song, ‘The Math,’ on my first album. I got forced into recording it. It’s just super cheesy.”

My most emotional new song:
” ‘Tattoo,’ co-written by Ed Sheeran. It’s a beautiful song about a relationship ending and what it leaves behind.”

My favorite fellow Disney alum:
“Miley Cyrus. I commend her for not giving a f— what people think.”

My reality check:
“I sang [2004 hit] ‘Come Clean’ on a radio show, and it made me feel old. I recorded that when I was 16. It means something totally different to me now than it did back then.”

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